Genoa (population 650,000), the capital city of the Italian Riviera and one of the largest ports in Europe, is located in the north western part of the Country. It has always been an important cultural and artistic center, with a history dating  from Roman times. Until the Napoleonic wars, the Republic of Genoa was a major political player in Southern Europe, rivalling with the Republic of Venice for trade and economic control of the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Inside Genoa University

The University of Genoa is the sole institution of higher learning of our Region. With a student population of over 35,000 and a Faculty of 1,600, it is one of the largest academic institutions in Italy.  The Medical Faculty was founded in the XV century as a College including four medical chairs attached to the Pammatone hospital, which was located in the medieval area of town. In the thirties, the hospital services were transferred to the San Martino district, 2 km east of central Genoa.

Medicine and Surgery

The Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy merged in 2011 to create the new Scuola di Scienze Mediche e Farmaceutiche. Our Scuola now covers over 95,000 sqm of hospital space, laboratories, teaching and sports facilities, libraries and offices. It offers courses not only in Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, but also courses in 22 health professions,such as nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery, etc. There are about 40 postgraduate courses in medical specialities and several master programs in Italian and in English. The Scuola also includes the Sport Academy, which has been recently transferred to the new campus in Savona, a town 50 km from Genoa. The School of Medicine and Pharmacy is affiliated with the San Martino Regional Hospital, the largest in Europe, the Gaslini Pediatric Hospital, and the National Cancer Institute of Genoa. We maintain a strong scientific cooperation wiht the recently created Italian Institute of Technology which is located 7 km from our main campus. Our strong point, in addition to state-of-the-art clinical practice, is our remarkable research activity in basic sciences such as immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and neurosciences, which makes the School of Medicine and Pharmacy one of the most productive in Italy in terms of publications and research grants.

Course offer for prospective international partners

Our School of Medicine can offer high-standard, English-language courses on demand in a number of fields.

Applied Biochemistry

  • Mass spectrometry in the biomedical sciences
  • Modern proteomics approaches
  • Innovative techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites

Applied Biotechnology

  • Quantitative PCR for the detection of genetically modified organisms
  • Generation of plant GMO, generation of animal GMO
  • Modern methods for the qualitative and quantitative detection of GMO

Human neurophysiology

  • Perception and action: an integrative approach to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the neurophysiological substrates of the sensorimotor integration in humans

Clinical Neurology

  • New Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis
  • New Therapies for CV disease
  • New Therapies for Parkinson disease

Regenerative Medicine

  • Molecular and cell biology of cartilage and bone tissue
  • Engineering and regenerative medicine of skeletal tissue


  • Cancer steam cells (isolatiom expansion, phenotypical characterization)
  • Signal transduction involved in CSC-related carcinogenesis
  • Pharmacology of CSC-selective (or preferential) drugs

Medical English
The course formats can be:

  • Courses at the Partner’s location
  • Short-term instruction traineeship in medical technology
  • Residential courses in Genoa
  • Interactive real-time video courses
  • Pre-recorded video courses with online tutorial

Instruction sessions can be organized at SIMAV (new teaching techniques for basic and medical sciences) and at our Medical Simulation Center (simulators, human-like manikins, and computerized training)

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Erasmus Desk

Central Erasmus Office
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Our Faculty can be easily reached from the Brignole Train Station (bus 17,18,45,86,87). From the A12 freeway, exit Genova Nervi, and follow directions to Centro.